[Learning]#2 HTML x Lovely Auntie

What is HTML?

HTML Markup Language Elements

  • opening/closing tags: e.g. <head> </head>
  • content: e.g. Lovely Auntie XD
  • attribute
    - <img src="file name.file type"> → an “empty element” contains no context
    - Inserting a hyperlink <li><a href="URL">context</a></li> → a “nesting element” with multiple tags

Commonly used

  • Set font size <h3>context</h3> → from h1~h6
  • Insert a hyperlink <li><a href="URL">context</a></li> → href =hypertext reference
  • Insert a picture <img src="file name.file type"/> → src = source. If it’s an “empty element,” you can also skip the latter tag.
  • Item List <li>
  • Designing a table
<td>context</td> => a column
  • Adjust the border/width/height of a table <table border="1" width="600" cellpadding="5">


  • Store the picture at the same place as your html file, and insert the name of the picture into your code.
  • If you want to edit in Chinese, you’ll have to set “Encoding” as “UTF-8,” and add as below blue mark to avoid garbled context.

Final Design

Resource: https://icdaniels.wordpress.com/tag/understanding-html-attribute/

Music of Today: laugh now cry later covered/same drugs by Joseph Solomon


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